Android training in delhi Course Curriculum

Android training  in  Delhi Course syllabus

Batch Schedule: Weekend (Sat. Sun)

Training Schedule for 1 to 3 Classes
• Introduction of Android, Installation steps with eclipse, latest SDK tool information.
• Steps In Android Development-“Hello World”
• Android Widgets/Layouts
• Layouts overview Types of Layouts in Android along with their properties. Implementation of layouts along with UI event handling.
• Permissions and Security.
• Dialogs in Android. Types of Dialogs and their implementation.
• Styles and Themes in Android.
• Collection Framework.
• File I/O Overview (File Handling in SD Card).Insertion, Delete and Update operations on a File.
• SQLite Database overview. Update, Insert, Retrieve and Delete operations on Database.
• Connection with server using Http Connection using Get,Post and Head Methods.

Training Schedule 4 to 10 Classes
• Design Registration Form with all validation.
• List view and grid view creation using Array adapter, simple adapter
• Custom List view and grid view creation using Image View, simple Base adapter
• Gallery view implementation. Web view implementation and showing links on web view.
• Custom list view implementation. And its event handling.
• Creating dynamic view from coding at run time. Creating custom dialogs.
• Activity stacks handling. Sharing dynamic information between activities.
• Global Navigation Tab bar implementation.
• Introduction of Location services, fetching locations from the GPS provider and Network provider.
• Getting locations name with given lat, long i.e. reverse geo coding implementation.
• Map overview, Map key generation for showing Map.
• Face Book and Twitter integration.
• Animation in android such as Curl, Rotate Slide etc.
• Background services using Broad cast reciver.

Training Schedule 11 to 15 Classes
• One mini project and one Live project training which run on Google play.

Note: (Core java knowledge is must for above course. If some one wants to do Core Java also then course duration will increase up to 1 month i.e. 4-5 classes)

*Study material and important url link for tutorial will provided at day by day training task

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