sas training in delhi testimony from ved piyush

Hello everyone,

My association with Mr. Debendra Dhir started when I undertook Base SAS classes from him in March of 2015. Mr. Dhir is a thorough professional and he knows SAS like the back of his hand. He explains everything very lucidly and makes sure that you have understood them by giving relevant assignments. I had no coding background nor had I learnt any language or software prior to SAS, but due to the earnest efforts and to the point teaching of Mr. Dhir, I recently cleared my Base SAS certification with 92% marks. He has a very unique methodology of teaching which is rooted more in the practical application of SAS with relevant emphasis on the requisite theoretical concepts. He explains the most complex of concepts with simple examples which strengthen the understanding. Mr Dhir also has the distinction of having the highest number of SAS certifications in India, so when you learn from one of India’s best, you can rest assured that you are in safe hands.

I would be going to the United States to pursue MS in Statistics from the University of Minnesota- Twin Cities in some time, and my acquaintance with SAS would indeed be of great help to me while I study there. I am thankful to Mr. Dhir for introducing me to the world of SAS which is simple yet extremely efficient.

Best Regards,

Ved Piyush.

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